Why should a people that are industrious, strong, ambitious, and are representative of the best of African stock be hounded continuously wherever they settle and flourish, even within their own nation? From the apostolic platform it is clear that Africa is going somewhere and the Igbo nation has a role to play in our collective prophetic destiny. The blessing of a leadership mantle could very soon become a curse when the principles of leadership are violated continuously. We looked at the enculturation program of the Igbo gene stock and the leadership tracks of Nnamdi

Azikiwe in the colonial era to confirm the divine leadership mantle but concluded that the Igbos would benefit immensely if the steward leadership model of Jesus Christ were injected into their tribal narrative. Excessive satanic opposition is often a pointer to a divine mantle for leadership and we saw the imperials blacklist the Igbos from the beginning because their egalitarian societal structure inhibited the divide-and-rule strategy of enslavement. Nnamdi Azikiwe was also penciled for special treatment by the colonials till the chink in his armor was discovered. Fast forward to Jan 1966 we see the young Igbo military officers stepping up to take charge as primed by their military instructors. Nothing wrong with the leadership initiative but everything was wrong with the excessive cruelty and skewed trust issues of the plotters. Soon after we witnessed Chukwuemeka Ojukwu, the Igbo profile image of Osama Bin Ladin setting the pace and direction for the nation again at the Aburi accord. If the Igbos choose to look inwards they might discover that they are not resented for the obvious leadership skills embedded in their veins but the modus operandi of their leadership mode. Trail blazers will always be applauded by the multitudes but the adulation sooner turns to jeers when supporters perceive that the exploits are self-serving. Satanic forces have resisted all forms of Igbo leadership because of their divine potential but the Igbo’s have continuously played into Lucifer’s hand by adopting a wrong leadership direction. To whom much is given much is expected and steward leaders should be altruistic and compassionate. Men like Emeka Anyaoku, Professor Anya, Ebitu Ukiwe and many other principled Igbo leaders have earned global acceptance and are highly respected because they rose above the opportunistic molds to demonstrate Christ like virtues. It’s appalling that their leadership capital does not seem to have trickled down to the younger generations. Research will show that the bone animosity between the Igbo and the Hausa-Fulani was engineered to divert the destiny of our nation as a whole and the Igbo nation in particular. Locked into the past and separated from divine counsel it seems a fresh generation of the Igbo stock has again been denied access to the divine mantle of leadership that should be the joy of Africa. If only someone could get the Igbo consciousness to accept that the race is not to the swift, the battle to the strong nor riches to men of understanding perhaps the light of divine counsel could shatter the darkness of hatred that is threatening to consume yet again. The staff did not break and the Rock did not crack and Moses knew the ways of God while Israel saw His acts yet he did not enter the Promised Land! If the Igbo nation can answer this spiritual riddle it will make all the difference in the days ahead. We must also learn from the history because Nnamdi Azikiwe was readily accepted as the national leader of the NCNC when Herbert Macauley died. Although Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, a northern member of the Legislative Council was not convinced to join his London delegation in August 1947.  At the Legislative Council meeting in March 1947 Balewa had voiced objections to the talk of independence when the North was not ready and even went on to refer to the ‘North’ continuing its interrupted conquest to the sea. The Daily Service a hostile newspaper printed allegations about the mismanagement of funds by the mismanagement of funds by the London delegation and a campaign of calumny mounted. When the Igbo and Yoruba began to clash in 1948 and the Egbe Omo Oduduwa was formed the revered Zik of Africa succumbed to pressure and responded by transforming the Ibo Federal Union into the Ibo State Union with himself as president as a tribal counter balance. The God inspired platform for true national leadership was shut down and has never been reopened till date. May God help us.

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