DEFEATING TERRORISM IN BRITAIN PART 1“We must stop being politically correct and get down to the business of security for our people. If we don’t get smart it will only get worse,” … Donald Trump is definitely right on this one and the British political authorities should be held to account because the United Kingdom has within its borders some of the very best minds that understand the inner workings of the global terror machinery. In the decade gone by I have had the opportunity to serve alongside consultants like Sam Salomon, Patrick Sookhdeo, Peter Riddell and several other brilliant counter terrorism experts whose assessments and projections on global Islamism have been unerringly accurate. Knowing their reach of influence I could never really understand why their counsel has always been discarded for politically correct responses in the UK. More so when it is extremely clear that the subject of Islamism and modern global terror is a relatively new field whose text books are still being written. When President Bush described it as a new form of war after 9/11 it was a step in the right direction but other global leaders have since then strengthened Islamism by misdiagnosing and trying to pigeon hole it into old molds. Until British leadership learns to call a spade a spade, Islamism will continue to advance its cause unhindered and I will enumerate 4 tactical advantages that the terrorist will continue to enjoy at the expense of British lives if things are not readjusted. First, Islamism’s asymmetrical war form and its cellular structure does not present an easily identifiable enemy in uniforms or battle formations that the British public can assimilate as the common enemy. Second Islamism’s ideological root sponsors a recruitment strategy that ignites passions in the human heart at depths that police tools cannot detect so the enemy could be anywhere or nowhere yet everywhere! Thirdly its hydra headed governing institutions will continue to operate undetected in open daylight in between the terror strikes until the public is educated on its telltale signs and fourth it’s 360º battle strategies extend over decades and shifts shape and form to confuse and weary the citizens. In an nutshell Islamism was designed to exploit the fault lines of Western civilization and Britain will eventually be overrun from within if it does not jettison ‘political correctness’ to recognize the new war form. When Britain stops being squeamish it will discover that Islamism is a program that can be detected, tracked and predicted. To stem the spread of Islamism Britain needs to listen to its ‘real’ experts and forget the fanciful wishes its political consultants are projecting about Islamism. Defeating Islamism completely in Britain is a tall order as this is not a task that can be achieved with guns and hype! Britain would have to revisit its own philosophical foundations to tweak the balance between the rights of the individual and the common good of the society to recalibrate its community bonding programs. It needs to re-examine its adventure into relativism to reconsider the resurrection of objective moral truths to uphold virtue and deny vice. Islamism was designed to decimate western civilization and the new war form is in part a clash of civilizations plus a fight back by malevolent spirits against human dignitaries that have elevated scientific thought to exclude the spiritual influences that steer the hearts of men. The technological vanguard of the world will ultimately be forced to admit the existence of the spiritual forces in reckoning and that some are benevolent while others are malevolent. Sooner or later Britain will discover that full stomachs and rational heads are no military match for hate-filled hearts (stirred by malevolent influences) with rumbling stomachs. One could only wish the Venn’s, Wilberforces’s and the Clapham sect were still alive to explain these things to the stoics in leadership. To defeat Islamism we must blow its religious cover, expose its spiritual dimensions and identify it as the satanic evil that religious terrorism represents.


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